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Gordon Family Dentistry is a specialized dental clinic in Atlanta, GA that offers affordable pricing in cosmetic dentistry services, dental implant procedures & general dentistry.

Visiting our facility means you can receive any type of dental treatments needed, from a simple teeth cleaning or teeth whitening or an extreme smile makeover. You can save thousands of dollars compared to other dental treatment prices.

Gordon Family Dentistry primary focus is on quality dental treatments and patient satisfaction.

A Caring, Friendly Team Of Dental Professionals In Atlanta, GA At Gordon Family Dentistry our mission to be Atlanta’s most trusted dental care provider.

We do this by treating our patients as valued guests and providing exceptional service inline with our 4 Pillars of Patient Satisfaction: Convenience, Care, Comfort & Confidence.

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Family Dentist Atlanta, GA

Family Dentistry in Atlanta, GA

Individual hygiene is very important to any person especially to your family. When it involves personal hygiene, your dental habits are likely to be extremely important.

Caring for your teeth will help you to acquire optimum oral health leading to pink gums, whiter teeth, and fresher breath. Consider a family dental care program to maintain white teeth for everyone in the whole family.

In order to maintain complete dental health for all the family members, it is necessary that you have a dental visit regularly. However, you can also work this out with a family dentist.

The family dental professional will do regular checkups, teeth fillings, cleaning process and simple cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening. Aside from that, you can also start asking about dental methods and products. For example, if you were considering of using a teeth-whitening product, it is ideal to known what you need to know from someone who knows what they are talking about. 

Finding a dentist may take hard work, but all that effort and hard work will definitely be worth it when you found the most suitable dentist. Gordon Family Dentistry can offer everyone in your family, despite their age, with great dental care that is almost close to home.

They generally accept a wide range of insurance coverage’s and most even offer financing ideas for more difficult and expensive events. Once you’re familiar with this, there's really no excuse for not getting the proper dental care for your entire family needs.

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    5 1 5 I was in Atlanta and had dental emergency and I arrived here, the staff and dentist took care of me and fixed my filling. They made my trip manageable, without the great work they done I would have had to leave 4 days early. 1
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    I was in Atlanta and had dental emergency and I arrived here, the staff and dentist took care of me and fixed my filling. They made my trip manageable...

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